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        We always provide excellent services to our customers.


        Service system

        • We have more than 500 engineers who have been certified by foreign manufactures. They are waiting for the dispatch of our users. This is the service concept of Kangda Group which meets the customer’s needs and people orientation. Kangda has established the remote control A/S Center with modern technology and digital system in order to satisfy the customer’s requirement.

          Kangda highly focuses on our customers and thier evaluation towards our service and support. Technical support spanning over the entire lifecycle of the product allows the customers to use our products with more confidence. Kangda branch offices and subsidiary companies will provide last KM services to our customers.

          Comprehensive service and technical support will minimize customer’s costs, maintenance customer’s benefits as well as improve product usage rate
        • Kangda medical intelligient customer service management system has different kinds of functions such as calling center, wechat repair, smart dispatch, unit management, spareparts management, visiting management and statistical analysis. If customers has some problem, they can call to our service line directly and also they can scan the QR code on the equipment for asking for help. The module which installed on the equipment can automatically send the error code and warning information to our intelligient A/S system so that the engineer can immidiately know the problem and provide technical support. Kangda medical will provide you with convenient, efficient, thoughtful and proactive services when they use this intelligient A/S system and adhere to the service concept of Think about what you think.

          We will provide the excellent planed and maintenance services which will change passive service to initiative service. We will optimize resources of our engineer. At the same time, we will receive more feedback from customers which means more transparent information.

        Service products

        Golden maintenance
        Design the maintenance plan based on the equipment status: provide high-quality inspection and maintenance, fully control the operation of the equipment, eliminate problem, effectively reduce or avoid equipment breakdown and ensure the smooth maintenance.
        Silver maintenance
        The maintenance cost can be controlled, which may be much lower than the maintenance cost; free maintenance, reduce the charging process, greatly shorten repairing time; and enjoy the value-added services such as equipment maintenance and clinical training.
        Bronze maintenance
        Proactive inspection and maintenance, troubleshooting and accurate testing, avoiding the risk of medical disputes, cost control, rapid decision making, service value addition, higher level response, faster service


        • Large radiation equipment
        • General radiation equipment
        • Ultrasound
        • Dental


        Feel free to contact us for more question.
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