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        Join us
        Know people well enough and make good use of them. Assign jobs based on the abilities of people. Trust the people who work for you.

        Join us
        Join us

        Career Development

        • Respect
          Respect and fully respect to others; respect the personality of others regardless of the position; respect different beliefs, personal preferences and privacy in a legal and ethical framework.
        • Development
          Based on different professional characteristics and personal strengths, we implement a perfect and personalized career development path for employees in different positions. In addition, we encourage employees to choose their own career channel which is most suitable for their own development. We believe that they will make the greatest contribution to the development of the company.
        • Training
          The company has established a comprehensive training system for new employees which includes induction tutor system, technical research and development vocational qualification certificate, marketing training and professional skills training as well as campus-enterprise joint training and cooperation.

        Recruitment Position

        We welcome students from relevant major of higher education in to come to our company for an internship.
        Position Department Professional
        Assistant Engineer A/S department Biomedical Engineering Professional
        Medical Device Engineering Professional
        Medical Imaging Professional
        Radiation Medicine Professional
        Dental Medicine Professional
        Dental Medicine Technology Professional
        Assistant Product Staff Assistant Customer Service Staff Marketing department
        Assistant Registration Staff QC department
        Assistant Foreign Trade Staff Foreign Trade department
        Registration staff and foreign trade staff need relevant major of regulation or International trade. Candidates should pass CET6 or Tem8.

        Contact Us

        Shanghai Kangda Medical Equipment Group Corporation Ltd We will provide you with opportunities and talent selection will also be selected from interns. Please contact us at info@www.cn-vane.com and indicate the “Internship Plan” in the email.
        Note: Kangda Medical Equipment Group Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Medical Equipment College have signed an order-based training agreement. Therefore, Students from Shanghai Medical Equipment College can contact Mr. Huang Qingming, Dean of Radiology faculty to join in Kangda Internship Program.
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